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Lesdavag is a Mexican-American interdisciplinary artist whose work delves into the realms of life, death, sustainability, and pressing political and social issues. Through his thought-provoking installations and conceptual artwork, Lesdavag challenges the viewer's perception of space and time, revealing the interconnectedness of all things.
Drawing inspiration from personal experiences and significant events, Lesdavag employs a variety of materials such as dirt, wood, and found objects to communicate his ideas effectively. His work serves as a reflection of memories and their impact on both his life and the wider community.
Having showcased his art in exhibitions across the United States and Mexico, Lesdavag was born in Denver, Colorado, and honed his artistic skills while studying Fine Arts at The University of Arizona in Tucson.
As a co-founder of Galeria 54, now known as KOIK, he has contributed to the vibrant art scene in Mexico City. Currently, Lesdavag serves as an art director for KOIK Contemporary, overseeing the curation of exhibitions and artist residencies.
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